Colombian photographer.

Things that show that this is a serious job:

 2016 I was selected as one of the young photographers invited to exhibit her portfolio at the Zurich Foto_Museum in their program Plat(t)form https://www.fotomuseum.ch/en/explore/platform/years/2016

 I have worked for brands such as Pigalle (Paris) and published editorials in international magazines such as Hype Beast, The New Order and Grind Japan.

– In 2011 Canon included me in the selection of best young talents for my project “Freakers” which was also selected for the show Fotografica’11 in Milan.

In 2010 she did an important art and photography project named IS ( Identità Sociale) which was sponsored by the Mayor of Milan and put around the city in metro stations, buses and public walls.

Things you’ll probably find interesting:

I’m actively working in Colombia with different fashion brands and magazines.

I recently founded a photo-agency CHECK IT OUT https://www.riorepresenta.com/

– I´ve been working for over 4 years in a self-portrait project that today contains more that 200 images. ”Obsession in Progress” speaks about an obsession with identity and the search for one self.